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Are you wondering why your pets are acting weird and biting and scratching their fur excessively? Did you notice fleas hopping in and around your home lately? If you didn’t know, fleas belong to the group of insect species that can cause many diseases to human and pets. No need to worry though, you can have expert flea inspection and removal of fleas for an affordable price. Want to know how and from where you should book the end of lease flea treatment Perth?? Here we will explore everything you need to know about flea removal, including flea pest control cost, and much more – so, stay tuned with us until the end.

The Flea control Perth provides best services in Flea control Perth management. We give our best efforts and dedication to our work. Our techniques are unique, recommended and best in all. Our servicemen are well trained, well behaved and professional with right skills. We also care for all your belongings while working and provide our full work details with the total assessment

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Fleas Pest Control provides best supported, and expertise services for Flea control Perth. When it comes to active flea’s management, we are the well-known name, we believe in customer satisfaction. Our services are best in our domain. We have all types of specialized equipment and a variety of specialized techniques to handle fleas. We use best-recommended methods to control insects. We use moderate level pesticides that are not harmful to you, your family, and pets; still we take full precautions while spraying them.

Flea control Perth requires an expert treatment and accurate selection to help exterminate fleas in your home or business premises. We have handled hundreds of cases, Flea control Perth has an excellent reputation and can provide professional expert and wise advice on Fleas removal in Perth. We don’t just handle your Fleas issues; we help you through the eradication process from start to finish.

Fleas are insects without wings, 1/16 to 1/8-inch in length. It is active, usually dark coloured (for example, the reddish-brown of the cat flea), with tube-like mouth-parts, use feeding on the blood of their hosts. Legs are long, the hind pair well modified for skipping. A flea jump vertically up to 18 cm and horizontally up to 33 cm, this makes them the best jumpers of all animals kingdom. If humans had the jumping capacity like the flea, a 6-ft person could make a jump 295 ft. in length and 49 m 160 ft. in height.

Fleas do not use muscle power directly, but rather use a protein called resilin to store energy by muscles before releasing it rapidly. Flea stings cause the formation of a somewhat raised, swollen itching spot with a whole single point at the centre. There are many problems because of fleas; fleas can also act as a vector for disease. Fleas carry not only viral, bacterial and rickettsial diseases to humans and other animals but also protozoans and helmets.


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Expert Flea Removal and Control in Perth

When it comes to expert, yet, cost-effective flea removal in the Perth region, Flea Control Perth is the go-to option for many. We are a team of trained and highly skilled flea treatment experts with years of experience. We can help you with a host of pest control services – from flea inspection to the effective flea control treatment; we cater to everything related to flea in the entire Perth.

We are in the pest control service industry for more than two decades, and we can offer you guaranteed solutions regardless of how worse the infestation is. Thanks to our team’s vast knowledge and expertise in flea control, they just don’t provide a one-off flea treatment service, our experts effectively destroy flea eggs, and the condition pests get lured to.

Dealing with fleas in your daily life can be stressful, but no more. Contact Flea Control Perth today for a detailed discussion on flea pest control Perth and fix an appointment for a thorough flea inspection. If you’re wondering how much to fumigate a house for fleas, you will be surprised to know that despite offering top-notch services, we charge reasonably.

For any Perth resident, we are just one call away on (08) 6244 4214, and you can book an end of lease flea treatment as quickly as within 60 seconds. You can also check some interesting reviews on our Google My Business and Facebook page.

Why Do You Need Expert Flea Removal in Perth?

Fleas don’t only bite humans and pets, they can, apparently, cause a host of ailments including dermatitis, flea allergy, typhus, and hemoplasmas, among many others.

While not entirely impossible, it would be better if you don’t go DIY way to get rid of fleas. It’s a daunting task and needs proper equipment and materials along with required skill and experience to do an effective flea treatment Perth. Exterminating the pests that are visible in plain sight is not enough unless you can destroy the eggs and treat the condition of your property they are getting attracted to. You’re going to need the help of an expert team for a long-lasting flea control Perth; otherwise, it’s just a matter of time before another horde of fleas emerges in your home.

There is no reason you have to live with fleas and other harmful pests, especially when Flea Control Perth is there to take care of the infestation. Our technicians are extensively experienced with various kinds of flea infestation in Perth. They know how to deal with them to make your property free from disease-causing pests.

These fleas can’t be exterminated just by eliminating the ones that are easily seen in open. They must be treated from the very source they are coming – their hidden sanctuaries with eggs at your place. Instead of trying to kill them one at a time, get in touch with us to handle flea infestation professionally and effectively.

You should not wait until the condition gets worse. In fact, if you notice fleas in your house, even if they are just a few, do not waste time and call Flea Control Perth immediately at (08) 6244 4214 to have necessary suggestions from one of our experts.

What are Fleas in Perth? How to remove them with Flea Control Perth

Fleas are small pests without any wing, and they feed primarily on the host mammal’s blood. More than 2000 species of fleas can be found worldwide, of which, 88 live in various parts of Australia.

Fleas can be 3mm in size on average. As they are wingless and can’t fly, fleas jump using their back legs. Their legs are strong enough to enable these fleas to make jumps up to 30cm distance, so they can practically reach to any target host they want. Fleas are typically brown, and these species come with flat shaped bodies.

Once they can land on your pet’s skin and make it their host – they will start biting it every five minutes, making your pets extremely irritated and annoyed. You will notice your pets scratching the affected part of their body excessively due to frequent flea bites.

The lifetime of a flea can be a hundred days on average. However, if these tiny pests get favourable indoor conditions, they are observed to live for as long as one year. What that means is, the more they love the condition inside your home, the more they live, and the more eggs they lay to reproduce more.

Flea’s reproduction rate is astounding – a female usually lays averagely 2000 eggs in its life. If you have only ten female fleas in your house, imagine what the total number of them could be in just weeks. There can be thousands of them lurking at your place to make your family and pets their hosts, living on your blood and spreading diseases; and of course, reproducing even more at the same time.

If you notice even a single flea on the surface or your pet, the situation is alarming as that could mean your property has been infested by these creatures already. You must act fast and call Flea Control Perth to discuss the next course of action with our team without wasting more valuable time.

How Would I Know I You Have A Flea Infestation Already?

There can be many signs that will tell you if there is any flea infestation in your house. If you notice your pet’s behaviour is little unusual like it’s scratching and licking too much, that could be the first sign of flea’s present at your place. Fleas bite their host frequently, around once every 5 minutes, and that makes your pets act strangely.

Check your pet’s fur and its bedding carefully. There would be tiny white eggs and dark droppings if fleas made your pet a host. Wondering what’s those redness or red patches on your pet’s skin? Check with your veterinary doctor for a confirmed diagnosis, but those are most likely signs of flea bites.

Furthermore, if your pets are shedding more than they used to – that’s another sign of flea infestation. Almost all cats and dogs shed, that’s normal. But if you see they are shedding significantly more or shedding at times when it’s not their shedding season, you need to be alarmed.

Apart from pets, humans can experience the same irritating itchiness as well if fleas bite them. You should call at (08) 6244 4214 if you notice such signs, and Flea Control Perth will advise you accordingly. Our team will visit your home for a complete flea inspection. If you’re worried about pest control for fleas prices, let us assure you that provide high-quality flea control and treatment services without costing you an arm and a leg.

What Should I Do If I Have Fleas in Perth?

Unless you know how these pests reproduce, grow, and live inside your home, you won’t be able to control the infestation and remove fleas from the property effectively. Did you know fleas cannot be eliminated completely if you just kill the grown-up and adult ones?

Female fleas are capable of producing thousands of eggs in their lifetime. Therefore it’s crucial for you to find where these eggs are before they can hatch and thousand more fleas come out from these eggs.

Fleas lay eggs in both indoor and outdoor conditions; hence searching inside your house is not enough unless there is a thorough inspection at the possible places around your home, too. Check places like under the floor coverings, pet bedding, and dark storeroom inside the house, for example. These are the usual places fleas like to lay their eggs typically.

One way to reduce flea infestation could be vacuuming. Using your vacuum cleaner intensively on the carpet, pet beddings and other places where these blood-sucking pests lurk and lay eggs can reduce their number significantly. Having said that, it’s not a complete and very effective way to get rid of fleas and stop the problem permanently.

You must ensure regular and frequent cleaning of your pet’s room and its bedding. Also if your home is full of heavy furniture, you should make sure to move them around time to time and clean under them. Fleas can survive and lay eggs in such dark places easily.

Your pet’s room should be airy and dry. Wet and dark areas are favourite of these nasty pests, and such places make an ideal environment for fleas to breed and grow. Also, make sure you shower and comb your pets regularly – that will help to get rid of fleas and eggs from their skin.

If not taken care immediately, I will not take too long for fleas to infest your whole property. Fortunately, Flea Control Perth can be reached and booked for a guaranteed flea removal by just a call on (08) 9468 8094.

Can Fleas Spread Diseases in Perth?

If you think flea bites are just itchy and irritating and they are otherwise harmless tiny creatures, you can’t be more wrong. Fleas can actually spread many life-threatening diseases to humans such as plague and typhus unless diagnosed and treated at the earliest. Fleas can cause Bartonella infection and flea allergy dermatitis to your pets as well. Flea saliva contains allergens that can cause rashes on your pet’s skin. Hence, these pests are not only a matter of discomfort, but they are also a serious threat to humans and pets alike due to their disease-causing nature.

Did you observe your pets are scratching their skin frequently and intensively? Are they losing hair from the scratched area of their skin? These are an almost definite sign of flea attack on them. In some cases where fleas severely infest your pets, they can lose blood significantly, which can lead them to develop anemia. When these pests remain longer on your pet’s skin and keep sucking its blood, that will result in lowering red blood cells in their body.

Moreover, if your pets, especially cats, swallow fleas, there can be a specific type of tapeworm infection. However, there’s no obvious signs and symptoms for tapeworm infection in cats other than suddenly losing appetite or some behavioural changes.

The sheer health risks these fleas pose to humans and pets can’t be overlooked. The longer they infest your home and surroundings, the higher chance they will transmit some diseases to your or your pets, sooner or later. And when it’s the question of your health, there’s no better time than today to contact us for a professional flea fumigation Perth.

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